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Iron City Games

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Who we are

Iron City Games is a small, independent game studio based in Birmingham, AL. We build incredibly full-featured games that give our players more things they can do in the game world and unprecedented control over the experience.

Featured Video


Our promotional video for our latest release, GearStorm.  GearStorm is our first release as a game company and our magnum opus representing 5 years of effort building the ultimate "everything" military simulator.


Studio Highlights



GEARSTORM is a detailed, militarized science fiction sandbox simulator in which players cooperate and compete to colonize and fortify their positions on a hostile alien planet. GearStorm takes place on an huge, open, procedural, and entirely destructible world. Here players can advance and customize their technology to improve their chances against each other and the Phage – a deadly nano-virus that is decimating human population.

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