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Where else can you go to work, and spend the day drawing, dreaming and playing video games? Here at Iron City Games we encourage our team members to do just that. And that’s what keeps us loving what we do, and making really great games. Located in Birmingham, AL, Iron City Games strives to be the best possible Video Game Studio it can be. We have a philosophy of making a game for one person that loves it and that is how great products people love are made.


Brian Rivers


I, like many, love games. I love making them, playing them, talking about them. GearStorm is a game for people who love to create but also love the challenge of complex and intricate FPS gameplay. I am also wearing the hat of lead developer on our team.


Shawn Ellis

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Shawn grew up gaming and writing software for defense, space, and scientific industries.  Shawn has patented technology and run companies for years but GearStorm will be his crowning achievement. Both of our founders are also our lead developers.

Travis Bach


Travis Bach is a long-time gamer who loves to roll his own table-top RPGs. He’s worked on many books with his wife, Rachel Aaron, ranging from epic fantasy to military Sci-Fi, and way over to video game fiction. His book, Forever Fantasy Online is available on Amazon.


Tyler Gibbons


Tyler is an award-winning artist who fell in love with video games when he was little. Even so, Tyler is not a very talented video game player, usually selected as cannon fodder for other players.


Brooks Rivers


Brooks loves 80’s Sci-fi movies and games. When he’s not up to his visor in GearStorm play testing, he likes to visit the local BlockBuster to rent out the latest laser disks.


Billy Nunez


I love making art and playing games.


Alex Kulev


Hardcore gamer, love to find and exploit vulnerabilities in games I play, so don’t expect much in Gearstorm.

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